Results of 82M

What others are saying about Formula 82M...

With a variety of ingredients that increase the penetration and results of Minoxidil, as well as improve its ease-of-use, 82M is a dramatic improvement over the old Rogaine® formula.
— Dr. Alan J. Bauman, IAHRS, ABHRS, FISHRS, Board Certified Hair Loss Expert
This is the first significant recovery product that I have ever seen that competes strongly with hair transplantation.
— Dr. David N. Michelson, Medical Director of Michelson Cosmetic Surgery
Personally I believe this formula works better than Rogaine® or Propecia®.
— Dr. Peter Rullan, Founder of The Dermatology Institute
We have created a green, safe, and highly effective formulation.
— Stephen Laddy, R.Ph., CEO of MasterPharm Compounding Pharmacy
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Results of 82S

What others are saying about Formula 82S...

Our office has had great success with 82S. We have combined 82S with 82M and PRP hair restoration. We have multiple patients that have the shampoo shipped to them from our office about every three months, so the shampoo seems to last.
— Dr. George Gavrila, Founder of ProMD Health
This product is phenomenal. There are short hairs all over my thinning spots showing the hair growth. I use it myself and recommend it to my patients who have been very satisfied.
— Dr. Armi Lynn Walker, Founder of Neuva Aesthetics
82S has been a great seller for us. I also personally use it and love it. My hair is very fine and 82S has made it feel much thicker and fuller, and also feel stronger and healthier. That is also the feedback I’m getting back from my clients... male and female.
— Goldy Boyer, Evolve Hair Studio
Aesthetics and Wellness is proud to offer 82S to our nonsurgical hair restoration clients. It has become an effective, integral part of our treatment modality and is proving to have excellent results. I personally use 82S and find it to be one of the only shampoos that doesn’t leave a dry itchy scalp. It is extremely gentle, yet does not leave the hair feeling oily.
— Tharon Blake, NP, Founder of Tharon Blake Aesthetics and Wellness