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With a variety of ingredients that increase the penetration and results of Minoxidil, as well as improve its ease-of-use, 82M is a dramatic improvement over the old Rogaine® formula.
— Dr. Alan J. Bauman, IAHRS, ABHRS, FISHRS, Board Certified Hair Loss Expert
This is the first significant recovery product that I have ever seen that competes strongly with hair transplantation.
— Dr. David N. Michelson, Medical Director of Michelson Cosmetic Surgery
Personally I believe this formula works better than Rogaine® or Propecia®.
— Dr. Peter Rullan, Founder of The Dermatology Institute
We have created a green, safe, and highly effective formulation.
— Stephen Laddy, R.Ph., CEO of MasterPharm Compounding Pharmacy
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